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Wings the Design Studio

Amit Gandhi of Wings – The design Studio was with us for almost an hour sharing his experiences and interests. He can be defined as a brilliant designer who has made many restaurants and cafes immortal with his imagination and craft. His partner at work and in his life, Meena Gandhi, he says is the backbone of Wings. For Amit and Meena, interior designing and architecture are ways of life filled with creative passion. They are always at the forefront of cultural, social and artistic trends of the society as a whole. Architecture or design Amit says, has witnessed enormous changes over the past few years. Technology played a major role in this change, bringing the world together, making it easy for any designer to assimilate new ideas experimented around the globe. Furthermore, the need for green and sustainable design has emerged as a game-changer in the overall design culture. Unlike earlier, the perception of clients also has undergone a massive change. They are now equally well informed about new technologies and design trends around the world.

Wings – the design studio is currently working on some unique hospitality projects where they have undertaken to do both the architecture and interior design. They include resorts, hotels, restaurants and lounge bars. In the pipeline are also some top-notch residential projects. They are looking at expanding their functions to other cities soon.

Amit and Meena agree that eco-friendly architecture or landscape design is the need of the day.  They reiterate that the current generation should put in extra efforts to spread the green culture to future generations to make their life safer. Wings are constantly and diligently working towards this global need. Natural materials like stone, wood and slate in design create a perfect blend with nature and make any design timeless. Lighting is another aspect of paramount importance in a design. Imperfect lighting could kill a perfect design effortlessly.  The amalgamation of apt light temperature, fixtures, placement and use of technology is an art.  Amit is happy to use colours and feels that colours must be used without fear if a design demands it. He designs with utmost importance to the context of the place. Though he does not have any specific design preferences, he applauds designs on the merit of its balance, aesthetics and harmony. Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava are Amit’s admired architects for their daring expression of ideas and uniquely bold style of design.

Amit handles every design assignment with complete passion. This has been his dream ever since he started. He is glad that he does this every day of his life. He claims that a designer’s personality is influenced by many factors and some of them are – being one with nature, staying abreast with technological developments, travelling, reading, workshops and meeting people of similar passion. As a designer, he is romantic about every form of art and design. He also fancies photography, painting, sports and travel. Many people from different walks of life, contemporary and iconic personalities have helped mould him as a person.

He ends this note with his views on trends of design for 2018. They are minimalistic, clean, green architecture with futuristic elements like parametric structure and bio-mimicry designs.