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Trending Interior Designs: 2020

Abode the joys of the new year, new goals, new resolutions and new trends; and bidding adieu to the past, it is a perfect moment to refresh and update the heart of your home with new trends in 2020. Whether you roll on new paint colors on the walls, recreate your home or kitchen with new ideas, or add a piece of art to your gallery, here is presenting top trends in the year 2020 that would help you make a serious statement this year.

Concealed kitchen for the minimalist design!

There is nothing like a clutter-free kitchen that creates calmer cooking and dining experience. Integrated kitchen appliances or hidden pantries are already known to give your kitchen a subtle and refined look, however, concealing the entire kitchen is becoming the new trend now. Concealed kitchens help in keeping the walkway obstruction-free and provide visual delight to the area. They are space-saving solutions, especially in smaller apartments. You can hide or reveal the kitchen areas with sliding pocket doors, use flat paneled doors with molded rails and handles and many more features to streamline this contemporary trend.

Sociable spaces for holidaying at home!

Whether it is a studio apartment or a large house, a living room is the social heart of all homes. Making this area more sociable with the right elements is very important whether you want to gather for movie time, catch up with friends and family, or simply relax at the end of the day. Ample seating options with feet-up selections, perfect lighting, music and décor for the mood, cozier environment for a comfortable feeling and voila! Have a perfect holiday in your own home.

Sustainable materials- in sync with the surroundings!

As we descend towards more eco-friendly lifestyles, our choices have become more ecologically conscious and ethical. Warm, earthy elements in the spaces are trending, and at the same time, people are leaning towards buying products made of recyclable materials. Environmentally sustainable interior design is in demand- A design that is efficient and is in harmony with the surroundings.

Two-toned kitchen cabinets- for the perfect blend!

Whether you are renovating an already existing kitchen or building a new one, a contrasting or two-toned kitchen cabinet can transform your space. This design adds color diversity to your kitchen and highlights the strengths of your space. Varying from traditional to modern styles, it makes the kitchen attractive and visually impactful.

Colors are the new neutrals!

“Chromatic is the new grey”, following the motto, warm and cool colors will be replacing the neutrals to bring a versatile and sophisticated touch. Whether it is a bold accent wall or a painted ceiling, the color gives a vibrant look to space. The right color palette makes everything fall into place and makes your home more enjoyable. With the colors setting a perfect mood, you would love coming back home every day.

Textures, patterns, and prints

While textures bring added interest into a room, patterns define surfaces. The design elements like textures, patterns, and prints are becoming more prevalent to make a place visually appealing. They help decide the statement of space at first glance and elevate the overall experience of a design.