The Rich Legacy of the Rama Group

The rich legacy of the Rama Group has been built by Mr Ram Panjabi in 1991, and today, this uncontested legacy revolves around their customer-centric principles. With more than 40 completed projects and a happy family of 10,000 customers, the group has emerged as a leading name in construction and real estate. The gem of the group has always been its committed team. Enriched with experience, the Rama Group is proud that over 25 of its team members have crossed the ten-year mark working with them! This beautiful association is sure to continue down the path of success in the future too. The work environment in the form of a triangle of faith, freedom, and foothold gives them surety and strength. There is faith in the team while they perform, with a strong foothold to support and the freedom to express themselves through work.

What sets the group apart from the crowd is the intensive creative planning that is undertaken at the conception of each project. It is impossible to judge their designs with a pre-set standard because as pioneers of creativity, the group has created a standard for themselves that nobody can match!
With each project, they are committed to transforming beauty that exists only in the imaginations of their clients to the reality that sustains itself. Every undertaking is designed and executed only after intensive research about the client’s requirements. This we witness in their projects Melange Residences & Metro Life Maxima Residences (project picture uploaded above)

An amalgam of a customer-centric approach, unparalleled quality, professionalism, value for money, and timely delivery has taken the Rama Group to heights. With each project existing as a landmark in itself, contributing to increasing the outstanding skyline of PCMC and Pune City – Rama Group is aiming to reach newer milestones!

Acing ahead with the motto “Exceeding excellence, enriching lifestyles” and focusing on their prime principle of customer delight and trust, the group has garnered massive success over the years. This has reflected not only in each of their successful projects but also their 10 prestigious accolades, among which lies the Accomodation Times Award – for the “Commercial Project of the Year 2017”.

The Rama Group has a foundation that has risen from the sense of a strong market potential signalling opportunities in Real Estate and has sustained on Mr Ram Panjabi’s vision of serving the society by creating landmarks. This vision is being carried through even today by Mr Moti Panjabi, who leads the company with his commendable foresight, and continues