Interior Designer

The Self-Made Man

22 years ago, Milind Chingale stepped into the world of interior designing as a fresher to make a mark for himself. Looking back, he is happy – to see a trail of successful projects, happy customers and the sheer satisfaction of doing good work. Through an interesting interview with him, here is a capture of some of the landmark events in his journey.

‘Customer first’ is a mantra that Milind follows like anybody else. The ever-changing, ever-demanding customer is on the rise. An interior designer has to be on a constant upgrade to meet this demand.  For this, we are ready- says Milind. While designing, understanding a client’s requirement stays primary while the surroundings play a vital role. The duty of an interior designer starts even before the civil work of a building begins. Discussing the design at this stage helps incorporate fittings and necessary provisions before the house is ready. A home with maximum storage facility is always sought after, as storage is a never-ending challenge for homemakers across the globe.

Having travelled the world, Milind is greatly influenced by contemporary Italian architecture. The contemporary architecture he says is generally long-lasting, which goes well with clients as well. Since eco-friendly architecture is the need of the day, Milind uses natural lighting and utmost use of solar energy in their projects. They also only use natural materials like stone, marble, wood and veneer.  A perfect chemistry of contemporary design along with natural materials is a trend to be looked for. The colour and paint of a house, Milind says is left to the wishes of the homeowner. Milind works his design around those colours.

Milind is doing up several villas in Pune. He has also opened a new office in Dubai. As a piece of good advice to aspiring home buyers, Milind suggests that a house be shown to a designer before it is bought. He feels a designer’s primary quality lies in being presentable and looking professional. To keep his talent trail going Milind does take time out from work and enjoys long bike rides, singing and listening to retro music. He emphasises that a pleasant workplace is what keeps him going and gets his creative genes working.

Milind Chingale started as part of the Spacetalk Studio. Over the past 22 years, he has completed more than 500 successful projects. Their designs are made to evolve with time. Here is to a long-lasting and fruitful home designing.

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