Last month marked a new beginning for SEA Group Germany, the leading German modular kitchen supplier in India, as they launched a new showroom in Pune, located in Kalyani Nagar.

SEA, a company built around a 99-year-old legacy, exemplifies unique modular kitchen and wardrobe designs and impeccable customer service. SEA is characterized by their highly customizable products, exclusive designs and handpicked materials, keeping the product quality and longevity in mind. Their innovative products blend perfectly into the overall design scheme.

Their motto is simple but impactful: expand your horizon – this is the idea behind every area of their work, from designing new products to their service and the quality of their output. According to them, “out of handpicked materials we design products, out of products we create unique living spaces, out of living spaces we derive the fascination of a specific way of life which expands the horizon in what is possible”.

This motive for looking beyond the limits distinguishes them as a firm where design, quality and service come together to form a perfect euphony.

A grand opening for the showroom was held on the 23rd of March. Mr Alexander Sofalvi, MD of SEA Group and Mr Devanshu Anand, an exclusive partner of SEA German Kitchens for Pune, welcomed many high-profile Architects and Interior Designers to the event.

The 2500 sq ft showroom is designed to personify their exceptional kitchen designs, unparalleled customer service and outstanding quality. The firm prides itself on its unique design, which is a union of its variety of elements, materials, and accessories. In five bespoke kitchen designs, SEA presents its latest product range and showing the latest collection of carefully selected materials and finishes. Their distinctive styles put together aesthetics and functionality, including Purista- merging kitchen and living space, Contemporary- delivering a more modern and sophisticated look, and Vintage- an ornamental and extravagant design.

SEA also launched its signature collection of unique CERAMIC finishes during this glamorous event.

A dedicated team is now present at the showroom in Pune, aiming to put together innovative new designs while providing qualitative material and high-level customer service, keeping in mind the trinity of features based on which the SEA functions. The continuous efforts of the firm to fulfil the needs of their customers in the best possible way will surely lead them to cross all limits, expanding theirs and Pune’s horizons.