Ruby Jhunjhunwala

An Artist takes you on a journey that is a collaboration of a Space and her Art.
Ruby Jhunjhunwala at Vikas & Kalpak Bhandari’s design studio-Veekas Studio, left us mesmerised with her exhibition ‘Moon & Me’ .

This Pune based ceramic artist has carved a niche for herself not only in Pune but is now getting known internationally. Her approach to technique is imaginative and proficient. Her artworks employ texture, shape and colour that have a language which is distinctly her own.

Trained under Daniel Rhodes at Alfred University, New York in 1971-72 and subsequently under GursimranJi and MansimranJi at Delhi Blue Pottery, her career in ceramics has seen numerous milestones. When we talk of humble beginnings, this self made woman has a beautiful life story. She has set up her own studio and shop in 1983, had solo and group exhibitions, designed and executed large scale environmental ceramic murals for big corporates.
When we talk of a zeal to grow and learn this lady is a living example.

In 1998 she set up Adipa, a design studio for bespoke ceramic murals and had the unique opportunity of collaborating with her IIMA graduate son Aditya, to re-imagine what murals could be, thus taking her career to newer heights.

Ruby is a soul filled with so many shades and the more we know her the more we get inspired. After the birth of her first grandchild in 2010, who was born with Trisomy 21, she felt a tug at her own childhood memories and embraced the Moon as a muse in her artwork which resulted in the Moon Series. It is her inherent response to her cherished relationship with her grandson, which brought with itself many treasured emotions, experiences and acceptance. In a sense she finds herself a reflection of the waxing and waning cycle of the moon as it orbits the earth, just as her life revolves around her grandchildren. During the inauguration, she spoke of her relationship with her mother in law and the void that she has been left with after her mother in law passed away to another world beyond this. We could clearly notice her strong connect with her family and the heart of a mother that she encompasses. Her work has a calm soulful energy.

To render the beauty and warmth of naked clay in this stunning series, she has experimented with alternative firing techniques such as Raku and Obvara. Drawings and zinc plate etchings play the role of backdrops, deep skies to the moonforms. Morphing itself into forms and textures, the show attempts to strike a balance that is both feminine and bold, delicate and powerful.

These new creations of Ruby found a perfect space in Veekas Studio, a working office of eminent architects Vikas & Kalpak Bhandari.

We at Standouts were extremely honoured to meet and experience this beautiful saga of two creative genres Ceramics & Interior designing coming together seamlessly.
We wish Ruby a beautiful life ahead filled with imagination and inspiration beyond the stars & the team at Veekas Studio many such meaningful collaborations in the future.