Recipes for Success

A fantastic interview of a young, dynamic and legendary hotelier, Ranjit Mhaske, Director, Mhaske Hotels Private Ltd.

‘As a young boy, I really enjoyed growing up seeing my father run the hotel business with complete ease and passion. It is different from many other jobs. You get to meet so many new people. You can create what people love; you can evolve, and you can change to something new and exciting all the time. Fifteen years is a long time, but it is a part of my life and I would not change that experience for the world’.

Mhaske hotels has stood the test of time for 27 years now and have been successful with Shantai Hotel bettering its legacy of being the sought-after place to stay for corporates. . They took over Hotel Dreamland in 2007 and along with brother Kunal Mhaske started Rasta Café.  Today Rasta café has four outlets running successfully in Pune city. It has been a family run business and the current generation has grown with the business. After completing a degree in commerce from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC), Pune. Ranjit went on to study Hotel Management in Luzern, Switzerland. After completing an internship at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva he moved back to Pune to join the family business since then there has been no looking back.

Ranjit renovated his pet project The Shantai Hotel, in 2007. He has been involved in the day to day management of the hotel since.

In answer to the question on the secret to keeping customers coming in and some of their most successful promotions. The guest has been the central focus for all promotions since it is a business hotel. Hygiene standards are placed at a very high regard combined with affordable prices. With the restaurants the focus has been on the quality of food and value for money.  Involving communities has been the traditional mode of functioning in the hospitality industry and is an essential part of the business.

Some challenges as a hotelier – the past few years retaining skilled staff has been one of the biggest challenges with the enormous growth in the city.

In answer to the kind of marketing strategies that have worked with the business, social media and online campaigns has played a pivotal role in building marketing strategies.  Print media has been a challenge as it has not worked well.

Food being a central part of the hospitality industry the new trend seen is innovation in dishes with a lot of fusion food. Customers are on the lookout for variety and innovation in their food. It gives our chef’s the space to innovate.

Trends of dining out and socialising have changed with people going out more often and everyone is on the lookout for something new. The hospitality sector must keep upgrading their properties keeping the needs of the customer as the focal point.

What makes Mhaske properties different from others is the USP of value for money for all our initiatives. Pune city has grown tremendously in the past five years and the demand for hotels has grown equally. In the coming years the hospitality industry will grown even more in the city of Pune.

Changes in the Indian economy have not really impacted the hospitality industry, with the onset of GST taxation has been made simpler.

Prakash Mhaske, founder and Ranjit Mhaske’s father has been a constant source of guidance and mentorship. Mhaske hotels is looking at acquiring new properties thus growing in the hospitality industry.

The hotel industry is very interesting and if someone has a passion for the industry should go for it, keeping in mind the dedication and quality of service involved.

On expansion plans have been planned in a phased manner be it the Rasta cafe slated to be opened in other cities as well as other properties to be included in the Mhaske portfolio.

Some personal interests include horse riding and travelling which take up whatever spare time that Ranjit Mhaske takes to rejuvenate and add more energy to the business.