What Metrika brings to the table is not something most firms are selling, but is definitely what customers are looking for. Giving importance to quality and putting their clients’  needs before all else, Metrika gives each of their customers exactly what they need, entwining the personality of the client into each project.

By putting the focus on productivity, timeliness & responsiveness in all aspects, the firm ensures competitiveness on a global level.
With a thirst for virtuosity, Metrika implements group level processes and systems that encourage and enable business excellence. Each of their endeavors determine their world class excellence.

Going forward, Metrika seeks to stand out from the rest by providing customer centricity, trustworthiness and value driven business operations.  By bringing value to the ultimate users without losing their ability to provide high end artistic lifestyle in order to individualize families, they create an international and artistic world.

The company has won Kitchen Retailer Award 2016 at the Indian Kitchen Congress. Shri Vasant Vasudeo, the Managing Director was honored with the award in the standalone category. Recently, Metrika has been nominated under the Indian Retail & E-retail Congress 2018. Having installed ample kitchens, Metrika has specialized in the field of modular kitchens like none other.

With the industry expanding, Metrika recognizes the need to develop and strengthen relations with all partners in order to deliver products specially designed to meet the demanding Indian consumer needs and taste.

What really sets Metrika apart is that they customize our designs according to the client needs and their price points. The inherent expertise of Metrika in understanding the requirements of its customer & providing best solutions pushes them towards being a client favorite.  To put it down simply, Metrika doesn’t offer what they make, but what the customer wants.

Metrika has its experience center located in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad, and is extending their product range to modular wardrobes, beds and kitchens. Offering the finest design and international quality, Metrika ensures the upliftment of your lifestyle.

As a Futuristic Modular Solution provider, Metrika takes you on a journey that will leave your house changed for the better, incorporating features of style, elegance and efficiency.