Architecture is not only about Designing!

Suhani Lal Sanghra

Founder and Principal Architect- SPARC DESIGN

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey- When and why?

‘Initially hesitant to ask for what we deserve, we are now in a position to command what we rightfully earn’

My very first project was that of a hostel, and it was done for a person who was a self-proclaimed relative of mine. My Sunday-weekly payment for the project consisted of a packet filled with ‘Kanda Pohe’. That is how the entire project was completed. It has since been a long journey of ‘Not being able to ask for what you deserve, to where we are today and it is only right to ask what you should be getting’. This is how I have evolved.

Your design evolution in the last couple of years – the key factors contributing to it!

 “The only constant has been the evolution”. 

The key factors contributing to this evolution are –

  • Considerable time and plenty of resources invested in learning new skills
  • Involving a lot of effort in adapting to new ideas
  • Abundant international exposure

All these aspects have been extremely helpful throughout the journey.

SPARC DESIGN offers Architectural masterpieces built on the principles of design; they are truly inspiring! Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

“I believe that we can draw inspiration from the smallest of things in nature to the largest of manmade creations”. 

Apart from that, several other elements motivate our architectural designs, like – An interesting play of light and shadow, or, A feeling or an experience.

I think that ‘Anything and everything brings inspiration’.

Where do you see Indian architecture heading to in the next 5 years? Do you feel we are behind as compared to international designs/structures?

 “Adhering to the Indianness and drawing inspiration from its huge cultural legacy”

While Indian architecture is evolving every year, I think a lot more can be done in terms of creating world-famous landmarks. If Indian architecture adheres to its ‘Indianness’ and draws inspiration from its massive cultural legacy that it has; very soon we would have our very own world-famous unique structures.

Tackling the 11th-hour crunch situations and handling client expectations!

 “Extensive Planning and a Proactive Approach”

I strongly believe that the 11th-hour crunch situations can only be most efficiently handled through planning and more planning. Additionally, a proactive approach rather than a reactive one has always been of tremendous help in our projects.

Amidst the ever-increasing fierce competition in the industry- What sets you apart and helps you grow? 

The features that set us apart and helps us grow each day are-

  • Self-assessment
  • Being your own best and worst critique
  • Catering to the various needs of clients and understanding them
  • Open to both negative and positive feedback

What are some unique challenges in designing residences in an urban environment?

The most significant and unique challenge according to me, is the changing mindsets and belief systems. 

All through our life, we grow up with believing in certain right and wrong, young minds influenced by the movies and drawing imagination about good and bad. It all topples when you enter the real world and you realize things are done differently here, there is no particular right way of doing it.

Although it seems challenging, once you make way through your clients’ minds and trust, you can change their belief system. It is a win-win situation.

Your execution-style in your first project as compared to your latest one- what are the key areas you feel have evolved drastically, apart from your clients’ taste?

 “Planning and delivering the project before time”

From the very first project to the latest project done recently, we have drastically evolved in organizing and handing-over the project before time. With my experience, I have realized that the clients are now more open to new ideas, designs, and technologies.

Your message to the emerging architects/designers

 “Architecture is not only about designing

I would say that architecture is an amalgamation of belief system, client psyche, management, finances; and it is not only about design. Give your client a true, sincere and whole-hearted reasons to appreciate you and your work.

The sky is the limit!

Let’s talk about one of your recent projects

I would like to share the story of my recent project of a 7500 sq. ft. Bungalow designed at Magarpatta City, Pune.

It was an odd-shaped plot, and the owner was keen to build a contemporary bungalow; however, he was extremely concerned about utilizing the potential of this plot. He wanted a sloping roof, water-body and a lot of greenery in the entire area.

We designed the bungalow fully utilizing the spaces available and with following features-

  • We created water-bodies at either side of the atriums. These emanate a cooling effect as the air blowing over the water-bodies create coolness all around.
  • The skylights above, form a dramatic play of light and shadow.
  • The angular mirror-detailing further enhances the double-height space.
  • The acrylic cultural tree acts as a conversation starter as one enters the hall.
  • There is a central open space as one enters the bungalow. An intricate façade detail there casts an interesting display of light and shadow in the entire area. It is designed in veneer and stone blocks from the ground floor to the first floor.
  • The Ceiling has a sleek veneer finish. A black and white textured stone structure acts as a contrast against the white flooring.
  • The Living room is framed by two steel sculptures. The window opens out to a beautiful green garden.
  • A repeat angular pattern acts as the backdrop of the tv and ceiling, creating one seamless form.
  • The office needed a separate entrance and close proximity to the main gate. All the furniture of the office has chamfered edges that reveal a veneer detailing.
  • To break the monochromatic pallet in the kitchen, we have added a citrus back-painted glass which adds a zest to the entire space.
  • Every home has a coveted feature which becomes the highlight of the house. Here, we have managed to pull the exterior into the interior with a water body that starts at the landscape and flows under the bed to give it a floating effect. When the client wakes up, he steps onto this soothing LED-highlighted water body enhanced with fiber optics.
  • The client was keen to have a resort-like feeling to this place. This was further achieved by framing the entire area with a beautiful green wall and a fountain which extended the water-body.
  • The double-head space in the family room has been detailed in the stretch-fabric ceiling and follows the slope of the bungalow. It looks like a sky-light even in the daytime.
  • The client wanted something really special for his daughter. We travelled all the way to Silvasaand chanced upon this slab of marble with hues of mob, grey and white. These were the exact colours the daughter of the house was looking for. A mirror was inserted into the slab splitting along the grain, and this formed the headboard of the bed.
  • His Son’s love for convertible cars inspired us to design an interesting skylight with a retractable row.
  • The sunlight peeks in at various times of the day and highlights the moon tree sculpture which forms a backdrop to an underlit bed.
  • The terrace is built with sleek-look and is perfect for entertaining the gatherings with a spacious deck and a barbeque area.


We at SPARC DESIGN are truly humbled to have gotten this opportunity from Mr. Harish Pinjani.