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Excerpts from an interview with leading architect Vikas Sheware of Concur Designs Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Ar. Vikas was kind enough to spare a precious hour from his busy schedule to share with us his insights about building, design and architecture. We spoke about varied subjects in design. Here are snippets from the interview.

Ar. Vikas has been in the industry for close to two decades and has witnessed tremendous changes in the architectural style that people are adopting. Contemporary style has become the order of the day though there are still people who are passionate about conventional designs. The change in style is unique to each city. The change has also been in the perception of customers- their requirements have become more complex. With ample exposure to digital media and with many travelling to different parts of the world, people are now exposed to styles and trends across the globe. While designs were simpler earlier, customers now demand complex, creative and innovative design concepts.

The most important factor to be considered while building a house or building is to understand clearly the requirement of the customer.

Another factor to be considered is the purpose- While some wish to stay in the new house, others want a second home and again there are others who wish to build a farmhouse. Each has a different design process.

Ar. Vikas who has travelled extensively is greatly influenced by the European architecture which he defines as simple and straight line architecture. There is a lot of importance to air circulation. This he says has simple classy style.  Though his work compels him to design both conventional and contemporary designs based on the preferences of his clients, he vouches for contemporary designs in architecture. This he says is the impact of extensive travel and influence of various forms of designs.

Speaking of Concur designs’ upcoming projects, they have a 500 villa township coming up in Raipur, a five star resort property in Goa, a couple of bungalows in Pune in addition to an array of smaller projects across Pune and its neighbourhood. Concur Designs Pvt Ltd. is a stable and efficient amalgamation of highly qualified and experienced designers, civil engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers etc., all under the able guidance of Ar. Vikas Sheware.

Mumbai and Bangalore will soon be able to exploit services of Concur designs Pvt Ltd. by 2018.
AR Vikas Sheware

Ar. Vikas opinions that a person intending to build a house should keep the location and selection of plot in mind. These create a big impact on the aesthetics of the building. He also gives utmost importance to eco-friendly construction. These include using eco-friendly construction material, locally available materials like bamboo, stone, greenery, water harvesting etc.

He stresses that architecture and interior design are two different entities which go hand in hand. The architecture in cities is mostly contemporary, classy and straight while the interior design is mostly brand specific depending on cost feasibility. Ar. Vikas champions Johnson for tiles and Nolte for kitchen essentials, though he leaves it to the clients to pick their choice of kitchen and bathroom fittings depending on their budgets.  Lighting is another aspect that gives a complete makeover for a building. He designs lighting for each building taking into factor the natural lighting of the building, thus ensuring that there is minimum power consumed for lighting. The colour or paint of a building depends on the theme or concept of the building.

Every new home buyer should consider the location, the quality of the builder, amenities, design and air circulation while choosing a house.
AR Vikas Sheware

He would consider a well cross ventilated bedroom a perfect choice for home buyers. A passion for cricket, travel and meeting new people has kept Vikas engaged during his break from work. Vikas philosophises simplicity, air-circulation and aesthetics for any design. He considers architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid to be his inspiration.

Concur designs Pvt Ltd can boast of a state of the art 4000 sq.ft.  office with a concept ‘class with creativity’ in Phoenix Marketcity in Pune. With a fusion of paper cut-outs, graphics, Italian marble and other innovative materials, this can be described as an experience centre. In his cabin, he has one wall with a huge poster of the Berlin Olympic stadium which gives an impact of standing in the middle of the stadium.

We, The StandOuts team wish Vikas and his team at Concur Designs Pvt. Ltd. a very successful designing experience.