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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, but it is how it works for the people who use it and that reflects their personality.  Certain forms, line’s, colours, textures, functions, all touch and communicate to our senses and our daily experiences. At Infinity designs, every project has its own unique essence and utmost importance is given to the design relevance. The personal style has always been bold, elegant, ageless and graceful.

Interior Design, Architecture and Product Design are the key areas of work. Each project or design is always special for the team as each member is passionately involved. To name a few Jairaj house and Ladkat house would be personal favourites as both projects are elegant yet simple. It is a great joy to create from micro to macro, anything and everything that creates a better human experience.

Colour can be beautiful or garish, it all depends on how it is used. As a thumb rule, combinations of grey, beige and brown works the best for any modern house with hints of pastels influenced with them.  The beauty of places like Paris, Italy and Barcelona have played a pivotal role in influencing designs at Infinity. With an expert team of Architects and Interior Designers in house, most of the Project find a perfect harmony with exterior and Interiors. An Extension of outdoors to Indoors makes any space the most habitable and drawn to.

Building information modelling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. (source: Wikipedia). This has given designers more time to focus on design and be creative. There is a huge misconception amongst people that anybody can design but it is the execution of the design that matters in a successful project.

At Infinity designs, the attempt has always been to create a perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and individuality. Well thought-out spaces, an abundance of natural light and space, clear sight lines, and subdued colour schemes, rich natural materials, a high level of detail and finishing giving a nice and effortless place.

Aspiring designers should always work with experienced people in the industry to understand all the tricks of the trade before starting their own ventures. The focus should be determination, dedication and discipline.

“Ved Laglya Shivai Itihaas Ghadat Nahi” (utter passion leads to history being created) to create a niche for Ajinkya Dhumal as an individual as well as Infinity Designs has always been the motto.

By the poolside, Conrad, Pune is a space in Pune which we find continuously drawn to because of the beautiful interior. The design industry has not been particularly affected by the changes in the Indian economy.  If there was no limit on resources a smart, intelligent and minimalistic tropical house would a dream project. Some of the books and magazines the team draws inspiration from are namely Starck Interiors by Yoo and More, Domus magazine and books by Philippe Starck.

“Ved Laglya Shivai Itihaas Ghadat Nahi  (utter passion leads to history being created)

– Ajinkya Dhumal

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