A Legacy of Tradition

The Ranka Group has carried forward a tradition of gold for 139 years to become Western India’s most trusted name in jewellery. Today, in the hands of the sixth generation, the group is making rapid strides from being a distinguished name not only in the city of Pune but as a brand with national presence.

The story of The Ranka Group’s rise to eminence is inspiring. The journey from a 20 sq. ft. premises to over 1.25 lakh sq. ft. of show room space spread across Western India with a daily average ‘walk ins’ of over 5000 people is in a sense, the story of the rise of the great Indian dream. Currently the group employs over 1800 people.

The pillars of Ranka Jewellers are Pukhraj Ranka, Fatechand Ranka and Om Prakash Ranka, the late Mahendra Ranka and the late Ashok Ranka. The central philosophy of the Ranka Group has remained unchanged from that prescribed by the visionary Nagraj Ranka.

The company pioneers in jewellery purity standardization since 1980. The clientele varies from royal families to industrialists to the new generation of India.  They were the first jewellery company in Maharashtra to receive an ISO certification. Recently were also awarded ‘The Best Regional Jeweller’ by the  Gem and Jewellery Trade federation of India, in 2016

Over the years there have been many changes from the taste in jewellery to buying patterns of people, Ranka Jewellers have evolved from a traditional mode of doing to a corporate house.

The trust of the customer has always been the central point of focus and the family has been available to the customer at all times.  There is an online portal that is going to be launched in a few weeks.

It would be very difficult to highlight one influence that has shaped the making of each piece of jewellery. There is constant change and evolution keeping the customer’s taste as central. All  experiments come with many inputs from the consumer.

There is a close-knit servicing with the clients as one family member is always present in every showroom. Even with the organized retail process, the buying experience is a very personalized one. Staff has been trained for the best customer service practices with all customers.

Markets range from low income groups to middle income groups to the ultra-rich and the industrialists making it a one stop shop for Jewellery in Pune.

Currently there are stores covering the entire city of Pune and PCMC. There is one store in Thane, Mumbai. With the onset of the online portal the reach will be extended to the rest of India as well as the international market. Many celebrities including industrialists, cricketers, theatre personalities are regular patrons.

There has been a sea change in the jewellery trends over the past decade. In India patterns were mostly traditional and heavy. It has now evolved to Indo western jewellery combining the best of both worlds adopting traditional designs with modern technologies of production. There is also a demand for international styles of jewellery.

There are  about 500000 skilled craftsmen in the industry and each region has their own styles, There are in house designers who design each piece and it is made by the best craftsmen across the country. Each season there are new masterpiece collections which is ever changing. There is a centralized factory as well as pieces are sourced from different areas.

The current changes in the economy have slowed down the luxury segment of the market which is slowly picking with the wedding season.

Young people who invest in gold have started buying diamonds, light weight, trendy  and modern design jewellery. With the onset of virtual markets currently does not affect the stores but in future there will be a change and people will rely on online stores.

Custom-designed jewellery is here to stay. With something that is so important, so special, and plays often a ceremonial role in our lives people will always be looking for ways to make that feel personal.

Social media channels play a very important in putting a whole lot of information in the open creating a lot of transparency between the customer and the seller making it a key element in the marketing strategy.

Each piece of Indian jewellery has a story and history behind it. It is fulfilling when one goes into detailing of each piece which is mostly handmade.

In the coming years Ranka Jewellers plans to expand its outlets to entire Maharashtra and further move onto other cities as well.

The Ranka group has also started two new ventures namely –

R Cube Energy Systems

Greencube battery is an innovation designed to give maximum performance at negligible degradation. The high durability and compact sizing, which is almost 30% smaller than conventional batteries available in the market, make Greencube batteries a safe, recyclable and maintenance-free investment. With an aim to make Greencube batteries 100% coulometric efficient, our batteries contain salt i.e. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) & Nickel (Ni), which make them quicker, better and easy to maintain. Simply speaking, they are the future of battery technology.


The product focus of H2E is solutions based on Solid oxide Fuel Cell technology for off-grid & grid-connected distributed power generation from kW to MW scale.

Residential use

Energy Independence to every home by fulfilling their electricity, heating & cooling requirements with the use of onsite Fuels.

Power Generators will generate Power on a 24×7 basis using:

Gas through the Piped Gas Network

Methane from household waste

Hydrogen produced on site from purified waste water.

Agriculture use

Power Generator will generate onsite power in a sustainable cycle providing (add an) economical & highly efficient solution using renewable biogas.

Commercial use

The H2E power Generators are ideal for hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, small scale & medium scale industries. It will greatly help commercial establishments reduce their carbon footprint & lower their emissions by converting fuels at high efficiency.