Rishi Sahani the Founder of The Standouts boasts of an international Masters degree in Finance and Investment from University of Nottingham – United Kingdom. Soon after he started working at Kotak Mahindra bank to gain experience in the banking sector.
His love for automobiles got him to take up the authorised dealership for Hero MotoCorp.
Having a multifaceted interest in varied fields he also ventured into the construction field and joined Ceratec a leading dealer in tiles stone and sanitary fittings as Director. Being socially connected to the builder fraternity and his interaction with the design professionals gave birth to this new idea in his mind. Rishi dreamt of having a community without any barriers which comprised of builders developers architects interior designers fashion designers as well as professionals from all sectors of travel and living. This platform would serve as a common ground to have excellent work displayed, conduct forums, publish interviews and articles of relevance to the betterment of society and thus bring Pune on the global map when it comes to design technology and lifestyle.


” Winners never quit, Quitters never Win ” – a strong believer and follower of the same, Rohan collaborates with The Standouts as Co-founder, joining hands with Rishi’s vision.

With fauji blood in his veins, Rohan returned to his own soil, India after gaining experience in the Middle East markets for 13 years.

‘Challenging the Status Quo’ – one of the key traits of his personality, keeps Rohan on the edge to learn n explore more and more. Worked with top-notch Banks on the Corporate side initially in his career, further evolving as Strategic Human Resource Partner for MNCs, Rohan’s passion for identifying emerging talent and recognising them started growing.

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do” – Elvis Presley (One of Rohan’s favourite quotes)



Shashank Srinivas is the founder and designer of Shashank Srinivas Designs & Co. After gaining valuable experience and skills in the previous organizations he worked with, he now provides his in depth design knowledge and modernist style to brands such as Nivedita Saboo, Rocky Poonawala, Ceratec Group, Brainayan etc. He is involved in managing end to end designing solutions for start-ups and established conglomerates. His industries include fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, real estate and corporates.

His gamut of operations includes creating graphic design, designing and maintaining websites and social media consultation.